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Welcome to our site!

Just want to put this out that it appears that Morgan Scarritt is a owner of 9 Business's. See the screen shot from a Google search.

Now... Would you want to do business with someone that is running this many business from what looks like his home?

The real question is why is he doing this?


New info:

Looks like he lost the dealership>>> LOL

Check out this link

Lender Owned

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My last email bounced back. 12.20.2013

Well it seems your day has come and the local community will rejoice in the knowledge you are no longer selling them cars.

Lots of folks know you and how you did business.

My website still stands and will be a reminder for many years to those that knew your business.

I know I am one happy person to see that your dealership is gone.


Pay back is a bitch and  you got bitch slapped    >>> fitting isn't it.

Mr. Scarritt  is that you being bitch slapped by john Q. public?


Oh Happy, Happy days

The site for Scarritt is offline and I can't seem to find it anywhere on this internet.

The phones are not answering


It really looks like the place is shut down. (finally)

I am trying not to get my hopes up.... But it looks really good.

                                                        (Click to watch him dance)

Seems they were looking to sell long before this was noticed:

Selling business

I feel sorry for the folks that used to work there (some of them), I bet they had no clue as they were about to get screwed over.

If anyone has some news on this, please send me and email.


Latest updates

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I was recently sent an email from someone close and they noted that the dealership is up for sale. I gather with so many people knowing how you do business the word is definitely getting around.

(To Morgan) So will you be working as a Walmart greeter soon and pushing shopping carts around?

Now that would be the shit if you were to go bankrupt and become a Walmart greeter.


Like I said, your day is coming and it is fast approaching.

Oh and I love all the emails I get from dissatisfied customers. I keep the emails and tell them where to post their views of your dealership so that they get the the most people to read it.

Good day,

And to think, you could have done the right thing so long ago and maybe kept your Ford / Lincoln License.  Now people must think of you as a used car dump.

The power of the internet and freedom of speech.   >>>> You can't screw people over like you used to any more

They have the power to screw you back...

Folks you can email the dealership folks if you want

fscarritt@scarrittlincoln.com, george@scarrittlincoln.com, mscarritt@scarrittlincoln.com, bsharp@scarrittlincoln.com

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Scarritt has a USED car place now it seems..


(I guess this kid must have bought a car from Scarritt?)


This dealership lied to my Dad and it cost him a thousands of dollars.

I tried to work out a deal with Mr. Scarritt.

But I have not heard from him.

I made a very reasonable offer, But I gather it was just another lie from him.

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Lying appears normal for these people.

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Please be very very careful if you go to this dealership

(which I really would not do). 

Unique hits since  Oct 2008


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Just a FYI

Some words are mis-spelled for various reasons.


     I talked to a lady named Hellon and she said she would get back to me after talking to the owner of the dealership... Still waiting...

(Yup that was in 2008, I guess that was a lie too)

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     My dad talked to a guy named Error-ic and from what I hear, he knows how to talk out of all three of his faces.

I really mean his three heads.

Liar ... Liar...  liar ...

I wonder if he knows how to tell the truth or just wings it and hopes the customer can't tell the difference or never checks his lies out.

He must have worked at a used cars dealership before.

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About this site

To all visitors:

Take a few minutes to read threw this site,

And form your own opinion, but as with all deals, when buying a car from a dealership like Scarer. Be careful and take every word that comes from a sales mans mouth as bullshit and lies and the only thing that counts is the papers you sign.

  And watch the fucking finance guy because he will try to screw you the most, trust me I have had lots of bad experiences with them and my dad did too.

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My visit to the Scarritt dealership in Tampa Fla.

Well I made my visit to the dealership and was disappointed that neither of the Scarritt folks were there. But I did get about 10 pictures of the inside of the dealership and the vacant lots. There was one buyer, I think in the whole place. I gather the place is on the way down with the lack of customers.

Not that I can't see why...

I guess you can lie to a lot of folks, but the word does get out..

Visit pictures

Hey Scarritt where are the customers?

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Posted copies of emails are actual emails I have received from people and I have the original emails as proof of those statements to me.

As a reader of my site, I would suggest checking with the BBB and other purchasers of products from this company to get a clear picture of how they treat their customers.

I can only vouch for my experiences and how they have LIED to me and my father.

fscarritt@scarrittlincoln.com, george@scarrittlincoln.com, mscarritt@scarrittlincoln.com,